Anhui HG Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of lighting design, lighting product development and sales, smart home products and control. To provide customers with innovative lighting technology and systems solutions and systems services. Committed to the field of optoelectronic products technology and innovation. Fully consider the user experience, visual effects on the basis of, for the global user set up, customized personalized products, to achieve the combination of art and technology. At present, the company's main products are: LED function, new materials, LED lighting, LED drive power, solar LED series. Products are widely used in industry, commerce, civil and military fields. In the design, production, installation and service process, strict implementation of standardized management and control, through improving the environmental performance of products, strengthen the sense of corporate responsibility for society. Build the company into a trusted and sustainable growth company.

  The company's brand: GRAND EMPEROR FUTUREEMPEROR. The company's main products are sold to 60 countries and regions worldwide.